New Year, New Direction: How Doctors Benefit from Medical Directions

By Melinda McCarthy published on 31/01/2023

For many of us, the start of a new year heralds change, re-evaluation of goals, and new adventures. It's also the time of the year we consider branching out professionally, keeping our ears to the ground with regard to new employment opportunities.

If you're looking for something a little different than the usual service offerings of a recruitment agency, you might consider partnering with a workforce solutions specialist like us. You may be surprised at what the team at Medical Directions can offer you during 2023 and beyond. Medical Directions are not a recruitment agency. We are much more than that:

  • We create jobs for doctors that align with your professional aspirations, lifestyle, and family goals. Our hospital job opportunities are not off-the-shelf, they are all tailored to your individual needs;
  • We design contract & FIFO locum jobs, full-time & part-time, and permanent jobs with rural and regional service providers in a range of locations across NSW;
  • Because we are in exclusive partnership with NSW Health, our relationship with Hospital Departments and management gives the Doctors in our network an influence on workplace matters like working conditions, pay, professional development, and rostering... Our doctors are welcome and encouraged to become involved in making the workplace a better place;
  • Developing and implementing sustainable workforce service models for Hospitals means that our relationship with doctors is not over once we find you a role... we have a vested interest in the long-term structure and performance of our workforce model and keeping our doctors rewarded, feeling valued, happy, and supported.

We Care

Because we are a division of the Ochre Health Group we know what it's like to manage a healthcare facility and understand all the complexities that come with the privilege. We don't look for quick workforce fixes, we put time and effort into building relationships, we focus on your professional and personal needs and create Emergency Medical and General Practice jobs most suitable and beneficial to your chosen pathway.

Our very experienced and senior team has collectively been in the healthcare space for well over 100 years... we love what we do. "The level and depth of knowledge that our team has acquired over the years is significant. We leave no stone uncovered and enjoy what we do" Operations Manager, Helen Spanos

Partner with us Directly and Reap the Benefits

  • Partner with us, and unlike signing with a straight-up agency, you will have complete ownership of the role without necessarily needing to live locally.
  • You will be directly employed with the hospital or health service giving you more flexibility and support to upskill.
  • General Practitioners working in FastTrack clinics receive a fixed rate regardless of patient numbers.
  • GPs have the opportunity to upskill in Emergency Departments if they wish.
  • Because of our partnerships with various Health Services, we can tailor remuneration packages so you really get the outcomes and benefits that suit you. We understand that one package does not fit all.
  • If you would like fixed-term or permanent work you will receive top locum rates.
  • We advocate on your behalf for all pay, paperwork, and working conditions. It is our job to ensure you have everything you need for an optimal clinical and work environment.
  • We are the point of escalation and support for any clinical governance issues, equipment, staff issues, or other matters with the hospital/LHD... we represent you.

"I have been working with Medical Directions for 14 years. The company’s commitment to providing both a personal and professional experience when delivering a service to all our doctors and clients has always been a priority. This is our unique difference" Senior Consultant, Vicki Robson

If you are an Emergency Medicine Doctor or General Practitioner looking for a change, contact Naomie Rapira for an informal, no-obligation chat on 0498 441 118. Whether you are contemplating FIFO, short-term locum work or considering more fixed-term of permanent assignments, Naomie can help.

Alternatively, join our network and when you have completed 10 locum shifts or passed the 3-month probation period in a fixed-term or permanent role, we will reward you with a $500 joining bonus.


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