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Being directly involved in providing health services for 25 years in rural NSW, I am committed to delivering appropriate, safe, and sustainable service solutions for communities

Justin Ragenovich

Founder and Business Executive

South Australia

Justin Ragenovich is Business Executive at Medical of Directions. He founded Medical Directions Australia twelve years ago after holding executive management positions within New South Wales and South Australian health.  With over twenty five experience working in health service delivery, Justin holds a robust operational understanding of rural health delivery, and has also undertaken numerous health planning consultancy jobs at both State and Commonwealth levels.

Medical Directions Australia began after Justin recognised the need for a dedicated organisation to partner State Health facilities in developing sustainable medical workforces through varied means of engagement.  Consequently, the team has been responsible for pioneering new and innovative medical service models, in a variety of settings. Justin applies this knowledge in providing ‘on-the-ground’ medical solutions for all clients.

Justin’s role includes all levels of corporate governance and monitors our contracts and relationships to ensure we meet our agreed obligations for our partners.  Justin is also in regular contact with our doctors to ensure our service arrangements with our partners facilitate good health outcomes.

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